Writing & Editing Services


What Michelle offers as a Communications Consultant

Flexible Services

  • Projects on a freelance basis
  • Collaboration on one or several projects
  • Client discretion, confidentiality agreement if desired

Impactful Services and Solutions

  • 17 years proven communications know-how
  • Objective and native Anglo-Saxon eye
  • Competitive rates

Engaging Communications in English

  • Effective story-telling
  • Impactful messages in a fast-paced world
  • Culturally savvy wording for Anglo and French cultures

Why Contact Michelle?

  • Facilitate your projects
  • Try a new approach
  • For ad-hoc project support
  • Reinforce an existing team
  • For a specific skill
  • To meet a tight deadline
The Services Michelle can assist you with

Writing and editing missions


Communication audits


Image and branding campaigns


Audio transcripts


Presentation run-throughs

Feel Free to contact Michelle to discuss your projects